What To Wear With A Dress Code

Are you at a school with a dress code? Then I know your struggle. Sometimes you just get so sick of wearing the same old same old. After a month, you get sick of collared shirts and khaki pants. I have a few tips for you about how to make your outfits fun and interesting, within the dress code.

Skirts. This may seem like an obvious one, but skirts literally saved my life last year. I used to be kind of a tomboy and never wear skirts, but now I have a few skirts that I wear every once and a while. They are a blessing in disguise! P.S. Dresses are good too!

Next is scarves. In the winter (or fall) you can jazz up an outfit by wearing a fun scarf. Plus they’re super warm!

Button-downs and sweaters. These two could seem pretty basic, but I wear these a lot instead of just a plain collared shirt. You can buy button-downs in lots of fun patterns and designs! They go well with almost any pair of pants. I love to wear sweaters over a collared shirt. They don’t have to be preppy sweaters, they can just be normal. Confession: Starting in November, I wear a sweater almost every day. They are honestly one of the most important parts of my wardrobe!

Corduroys. At one point last year I honestly got so sick of wearing khaki pants. They are okay, but they can become pretty boring for me! Corduroys come in many different colors, and they are super comfy yet flattering.

Last one is….. A SMILE! I know, I’m being cheesy, but honestly. No one cares what you are wearing. And if people do care, then they are probably not the right people to be hanging out with. No one should care about your appearance, just what your personality is like. So don’t overthink your outfits. Just wear a smile. 🙂

Your Introvert Friend, signing off…..





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