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Funny Story

I have the funniest story to tell you! It’s a little embarrassing though so no hate please!

So today at recess it was raining a little, and I felt a raindrop fall on my head. At least, I thought it was a raindrop. As a reflex I touched where the “raindrop” fell on my head. Oh ok, it’s just a normal raindrop. I thought to myself. Wait a second, it’s warm! I brought my hand down to see what it was (though I already had a bad feeling) to see that my hand was smeared with brown sludge.


My friends were actually pretty cool about it. No one made fun of me, although everyone was a little grossed out! I went to the nurse’s office and she helped me get it off. I was clean before class even started. I was worried that word was gonna spread around the school like wildfire, but no one really said anything after I told them I got it off. Good thing too, because I don’t know if I could have handled everyone being grossed out at me!

What are your most embarrassing moments?

Yours in bird poop,

Internet Introvert


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