What People Need To Understand About Parelli!

I do Parelli Natural Horsemanship. It is what I, personally, believe is best. Yet I don’t go around denouncing all equestrians that don’t do Parelli. I still respect how other people choose to ride. Sure I have my opinions, but I keep them to myself. This post is about what I would like to explain to people that don’t understand this.

Parelli isn’t fairytale horse-whispering. It is a legitimate way to interact with your horse. It is real. And it is possible! Anyone can learn!

Just because I do Parelli doesn’t mean I don’t understand the horse world. In fact, I might even have a better understanding of it than you do. It is a whole different perspective to watch traditional horsemanship from the outside. Don’t even try to tell me I don’t understand.

Doing Parelli doesn’t mean you are against showing. And it doesn’t mean you can’t show! This is a big one! I once saw an edit that read, “No one ever got to the olympics by waving a ‘carrot stick’ at a warmblood.” Do I even need to list the things wrong with this? a) You shouldn’t go around denouncing the way other people ride and b) someone actually did make it the olympics using Parelli. Or maybe it was the paralympics. I’m not sure. c) Many Parelli horsemen don’t choose to show. This doesn’t mean they are bad riders! This means their first priority is having a relationship with their horse, and they focus more on the relationship then on showing. I, personally, get enough satisfaction out of just being with my horse. I don’t need to compete to feel accomplished. I don’t have anything against showing, though. My best friend rides traditionally and competes in shows, but I still support her! And lastly d) we are not “waving a stick at a warmblood!”

Wow. Sorry. I just went on a full-fledged rant.

I would love to hear how you ride! Tell me in the comments below!😄⬇︎


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