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My Introverted Buddy😄

Well. I’m not gonna lie. School was pretty bad. But I’m not gonna post about that.

Exciting news!! I gained two followers! This really isn’t a big deal to most people, but it made my day😊

At school we have kindergarten buddies, and I always thought mine didn’t like me. She isn’t talkative and she gets distracted easily. Well today she walked up to me as soon as I came in the room and said, “I want you to sit with me.” This is the most assertive thing she has ever said to me. It made me so happy! I learned She isn’t quiet because she doesn’t like me, she’s just ok with silence. That’s good because I am too! And she doesn’t get distracted, she just needs to get comfortable with her surroundings before she can be productive. Did I mention she is a perfectionist?! So basically, once I got past the idea that she didn’t like me, I started to understand her!

What holiday do you celebrate this time of year? Answer below⬇️

Internet Introvert signing of….. xxx


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