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Happy 2k16!!!

Hi everyone! Before my post I just want to say thank you to everyone that has followed me. I really appreciate it. I don’t need a million followers to be happy.

So happy 2016! I think for my post I’ll share some of my resolutions/goals this year.

  • Play with my horse at Liberty
  • Ride bareback and also ride bit-less (possibly at the same time)
  • Master vebrato on the violin
  • Make new friends
  • Be more CONFIDENT:)

And yeah, that’s all. I really want to become more confident in who I am, because right now I’m not. (That will change though!)

I probably sound like a total hermit, but I haven’t seen any of my school friends during Christmas break. And you know what? I’m so happy right now! I love to just spend time with my family and not worry about being accepted. It is a total relief not to have school!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

Internet Introvert signing off…. Xxx


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