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Hello! So I had another idea for a post, but I really need to write about my day, so I think I’ll post that tomorrow.

Today started out great! After I slept in, I ate breakfast and ran on the elliptical. I’m really proud of this because I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise. While I ran I listened to a really interesting podcast, and I felt great! I felt so good after that I took a shower, made my bed, and basically cleaned my entire room. I did a few things after that, but I’m really not focusing on those right now.

I was feeling confident, so I thought I’d see if my neighbor (who is the same age as me) was home and if she wanted to hang out. So I went over to her house and we hung out and painted our nails. We had fun, but the whole time I got this feeling that I was different, weird, and not good enough. I don’t know why! She was being totally nice! And I just couldn’t make myself relax. It kinda ruined my day.:(

Now that I write this, it seems like such a small thing. Why did I let it ruin my day? And why can’t I just relax around people and be confident enough to be myself? I feel like I have forgotten how to be with people.

I hope your day was better than mine!

Love, Internet Introvert…. xxx


4 thoughts on “Today

  1. I feel that way too sometimes. Maybe it’s just an introvert thing. I’ve noticed that because I prefer to be alone with my thoughts most of the time, I overthink things and then get worried that I said something wrong or that the person doesn’t want to be hanging out with me.
    -Dani ❀ πŸ™‚

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