Sorry Guys!

I’m so sorry! I haven’t posted in forever! :\

I have some really big news!

I auditioned for Into the Woods at my local children’s theatre company and guess what? I got Cinderella! *Screams in excitement* I am so happy. I even have an understudy! This is such a great part for me and it’s one of my first really big roles. All of my theater friends are in it too, so I am glad to have some people to hang out with outside of school. AHHHHH I’m so excited!

I have kind of accepted that my “friends” are going to keep being exclusive, but that’s okay. I have decided that they will just be a different kind of friend than I usually have. Someone you can’t always count on, but who is fun to have fun with.

You may have read my earlier post about my friend who is moving. If not, here it is. Well, we had a sleepover recently and she was telling me how part of her doesn’t really want to make friends. No! She doesn’t realize how much I died inside when she said this. I really want her to be happy when she moves. She may think that she can get by without making friends, but I know her well enough to know that she will regret it. Ugh! I am going to try to keep encouraging her to make new friends.

Also, I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger Challenge by lissandani, but I don’t think I’m going to do it. Thanks anyway though!

Well, thanks for reading my post!

Internet Introvert signing off…


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