Zephyr Truth

Okay, so this is the blog about my own Sasha Fierce; Zephyr Truth. (See my last post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) This might all seem a little immature, but try not to judge please.

Here’s Zephyr’s basic information:

Superpower: Airbender (flys and manipulates things without touching them)

Status in the group: The smart one

Spirit Animal: White Hawk

Appearance: Brown hair woven into a messy braid, wears leather gloves that attach to her wings (wings are made of leather and feathers), wears a tunic that is easy to move in.

Weapon of Choice: Has long steel ribbons that she manipulates with the wind

So, this is something that is kind of fun for me to think about, and I hope you enjoyed learning about Zephyr!

Lots of love, Zephyr Truth…xxx


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