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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Has anyone else heard about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? I’m sure every Potterhead has. I classify myself as a low-key Potterhead; I’m not really part of the fandom but I looooove Harry Potter. So, JK Rowling announced that she is publishing the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, because only rich/famous people can go see the one in London. I am SO excited. I cannot wait. Really.

So lately I have been embracing my inner fangirl, and I have been obsessed with the Harry/Ginny relationship. They are so perfect for each other! I think Ginny is totally misrepresented in the movies. Don’t get me wrong- I love Bonnie Wright, but in the movies Ginny is such a weak character. In the books, she is a feisty girl who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself! Plus she is just plain awkward in the movies.

Well, that’s my Harry Potter obsession for now.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully some other Potter fans will read this.

Zephyr Truth <333


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